Vegan brunch @ Cakes’n’Treats, Dortmund (Germany)

2 Aug

Last Sunday, my BF and I hopped on a train to Dortmund to have brunch at Cakes’n’Treats. We basically went on a 2-hour train ride to gorge on fantastic vegan food. I think most vegans in Germany know about this café because it is owned by Kim, who also owns Vegan Wonderland, an amazing all vegan online store that also offers homemade products (our favourite being the Red & Spicy roll, but  more on VW in another post!).

All-you-can-eat brunch costs 13,90€ and includes a cup of tea, coffee or a bottle of soda. They start teasing you the day before and early in the morning by posting pictures on their Facebook page, which we obviously checked while we were on the train. Here’s what was waiting for us.

(credits for the picture: Cakes’n’Treats)

Lots of fresh warm bread, curry, mock meat, scrumbled tofu, pasta salad, Kartoffelsalat, pizza rolls, Flammkuchen, WAFFLES, fruits, spreads…

I got a bit of everything and was so full after the first plate that I couldn’t even go for seconds. Although I’ve never had an authentic Kartoffelsalat, my BF confirmed that it was incredibly good. The dolmades (rice stuffed wine leaves) and the spicy pizza rolls were definately my favourite part of the meal.

No, wait. Dessert was my favourite part of the meal. Flaky “croissant” with chocolate spread, yeasted waffles, baked peaches and almond biscuit anyone? I loved every single thing on this plate and went for seconds.

Long story short: a must go if you are in the area, e.g. if you are staying in Köln or Düsseldorf (it might not be worth the trip if you are staying in Berlin though since it takes about 5 hours by car to reach Dortmund).


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