Vegan food in Hamburg (Germany)

29 Jul

The BF and I wanted to do something special for my birthday and since I have no days off, we were not really spoiled for choice. We decided to meet up in Hamburg because 1. we went there last year and loved the city 2. we knew the city is pretty vegan-friendly.

We did not take pictures of everything we ate but we also got food from Jim Burrito’s (nothing to write about but the Tofu Burrito was good) and Falafelstern (best falafel and hummus I’ve had so far!).
We headed to Bio Konditorei Eichel, an organic vegan-friendly bakery, to get a slice (or three) of cake. The choice was impressive (strawberry pie, abricot biscuits, cherry chocolate cake…) but we decided on the cherry chocolate layered cake (Schoko-Kirsch-Dinkel-Torte).

bio konditorei eichel

It tasted absolutely amazing. Moist, chocolatey and not too sweet, this one was a hit and we bought another slice to take away.

I really wanted to try the Loving Hut and since they’re only open on Saturday evening, we went there for dinner. I had read mixed reviews about Loving Hut (mostly about the TV show in the background) but I was really excited to try it out. We usually don’t order appetizers but I was the birthday girl – and I wanted to try the appetizers! We went for the baked prawns with a sweet and sour sauce and the summer rolls with a spicy peanut sauce. Both were really good and the prawns totally reminded me of their fishy counterpart.

loving hut

As main dish, I chose the pho and the BF went for a vegetable curry. Both were amazing and I will definately try to recreate the pho for one of those cold summer evenings.

We also went to Café Miller for breakfast and got the Grosses veganes Frühstück to share (check out to see what it looks like) which comes with sliced tofu and fake meat, veggies and bread. I totally agree with the review: it was good but nothing special and I’m glad the waitress suggested we only got one plate for two (considering a plate costs 9,20€, it would have made a really pricy breakfast if we had ordered two).

We’re really bummed we didn’t get to try the Eisbande because it was right next to our hotel but the weather was way too cold to enjoy ice cream. Oh well, at least that’s another reason for us to go back to Hamburg!


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